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 Amitakh Stanford Overview 

Amitakh Stanford – Walk In

amitakh stanford 1 132Amitakh Stanford is a self-described "Walk In". (See bio on next tab.)

Whatever the source, she puts forth information and ideas about the astral world that 'make sense'.

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About Amitakh Stanford

Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas (Light Workers). I am an extraterrestrial being - code name - Amitakh. I came to the Earth as a "walk-in".  One of my main responsibilities has been to keep close tabs on an evil alien being - code name - Ikluk.

The ruling elite are intimidated by my writings.  The beings of Darkness try all sorts of ways to link me with Ikluk, who has "re-incarnated" on Earth many times over millennia.

He has taken on many identities, such as:
     ■ Aaron (brother/cousin of Moses)
     ■ John the Baptist
     ■ Kirok
     ■ King Arthur
     ■ Hitler
     ■ In his current "incarnation" he has taken on a relatively insignificant body as a small-town medical doctor known as
        Joseph Chiappalone.

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As noted above, this section is under construction.

Numerous excerpts are reposted here, without any editorial comment.

When time allows, editorial comments may be added later.

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  To Sleep or Not to Sleep       From: Homeless Souls
Homeless Souls, Chapter 13 ♦ To Sleep or Not to Sleep
to sleep or not to sleep 213
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In chapter 13, Amitakh Stanford examines sleeping and dreaming while sleeping.
The chapter begins,

  • quote small leftEveryone has entered the astral world many times. It is where we travel in our astral body after we fall asleep. It is not a foreign or distant land, and although it is a place people are very familiar with, they cannot remember much about it. Each time a person goes to sleep, it is like having a taste of death, except that the person returns to the physical when they awaken.quote small right

That last point, that sleep is like having a taste of death, would seem to be an important bit of understanding that is suppressed in modern society. At what point should a child be informed of this?

The text continues with what is generally accepted common knowledge that “Everyone dreams, but some do not recall their dreams. Most people can only remember fragments or parts of them.” She states this inability to remember dreams is due to:

  • quote small lefta filtering mechanism that can selectively remove not only what you bring into the astral, but what you take out of it.quote small right
Consciousnesses Do Not Sleep
  • quote small leftIn God's Creation, consciousnesses do not sleep. Sleep is an artificially imposed state that is very foreign to a consciousness…quote small right

Makes sense, however I don't recall hearing this before.

Next is stated that,

  • quote small leftIn order to get consciousnesses to enter such a strange state, they were put into bodies that required rest and rejuvenation at various intervals.quote small right

Furthermore, it is stated that all biological bodies require rest, and the consequences of not getting enough sleep are discussed, leading to the conclusion that,

  • quote small leftIn order to survive, the bodies must sleep. Therefore, the consciousnesses are forced into accepting this foreign state.quote small right
Astral Dream Worlds

Another interesting statement about the dream state,

  • quote small leftEach time a person falls asleep, they are automatically granted access to certain parts of the astral world, which is primarily confined to the sleep world. Both those who have departed and those who are still living in the physical world are allowed visitation.quote small right

Continuing in the same paragraph,

  • quote small leftMany people believe that astral beings do not sleep. This is probably based on reports from astral beings who do not realise that they sleep and dream. Astral beings are unaware of sleeping and dreaming because the process is so subtle and different that only the most aware ones realise that they do so.quote small right
Doorway to a world of virtual realities within virtual realities

Editorial comments to be added later.

  • quote small leftWe are not the body, we are the consciousness. The consciousness is not the physical body, although it is housed in the physical body and encased in the soul. The soul was created by the Conspirators to imprison consciousnesses.quote small right


  • quote small leftThe astral body moves out of the physical body during sleep and travels to many places. However, there is always a link to the physical body, even during sleep. In other words, the consciousness drives the astral body from the home station of the physical body.quote small right


  • quote small leftThe consciousness does not sleep - only the physical body needs sleep. It is only in the Virtual Reality that consciousnesses are in a state which is best compared to intoxication.quote small right


  • quote small leftSleep is the doorway to a world of virtual realities within yet other virtual realities. The sleep world is like a world of its own with permanent and temporary residents as well as visitors. It is like a huge cosmopolitan, international centre, where language is no barrier to communication as most people communicate telepathically.quote small right
Energy is the currency of the Virtual Reality


  • quote small leftThe sleep world is a place where visitors must automatically pay a toll at the doorway in the form of energy. Energy is the currency of the Virtual Reality. People entering the sleep world have a certain amount of energy, but most of this is extracted. The compulsory toll ensures that nobody accumulates too much energy. It is like a high-percentage tax.quote small right


  • quote small leftIn the physical world, energy is collected by everyone as they go about their daily business. The collection process primarily occurs unknowingly as people take it from the environment. People can take energy from food, other people, plants, animals and minerals. If things were just, there would be an equal exchange of energy, but things are generally not fair and honest in the Virtual Reality. There are many energy thieves in the Virtual Reality, and the entire system is based upon exploitation of another's energy.quote small right


  • quote small leftThere are energy suckers, who are like vampires that drain large amounts of energy from those from whom they can take it. … Energy vampires can be aliens, humans, animals or astral beings. They can be strangers, friends, family members, sexual partners, shopkeepers, shoppers, soldiers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, police, teachers, homeless people, or anyone at any time, anywhere.quote small right


Children's Fears of Sleep


  • quote small leftSometimes people cannot fall asleep or are afraid of going to sleep because a part of themselves intuitively knows that they will be disadvantaged if they do so. This creates a barrier to sleep. Many young children resist sleep when they are frightened because a part of them intuitively senses danger in the sleep world, but most of them grow our of this due to programming from adults and peers, which brainwashes them into ignoring their intuitive sensing.quote small right


  • quote small leftWhile one's physical body is at rest, recuperating from its energy collection of the day, the astral body enters the virtual reality of the sleep world. The astral body actively interacts with other beings on the mental plane, which is really a part of the astral world.quote small right


  • quote small leftWhat happens in the physical world and the sleep world is analogous to worker bees that are programmed to collect pollen and deposit it in the hive for the queen bee. But, at least the bees are aware that they are slaves to the queen. Being conscious of the energy pilfering process, one can minimise me pollution and theft of their energy by taking certain precautions before they fall asleep. It is a good idea to avoid negative thoughts, anger and other adverse emotions shortly before going to sleep. It is also unwise to go to sleep shortly after watching violent or horror movies.quote small right
The dream world is a sub-part of the sleep world


  • quote small leftDreams are entered into from time to time while people are in the sleep world. Dreams are activities that are assembled in a location on the mental plane, and played out within the illusions of time and space. The mental plane consists of many sub-levels, all within the mental level of the Virtual Reality. The dream world is a sub-part of the sleep world.quote small right


  • quote small leftWhen people can hold their awareness continuously from the physical to the other planes, they are aware of being in a dream, and can often control the situation in that dream. However, for many reasons, most people cannot always maintain a continuous awareness while in a dream state. Likewise, many people do not recall what occurred in the sleep world or the dream world. Memories of those activities are usually erased upon re-entry to the physical world. They go through a strong magnetic field that jumbles up past, present and future whilst removing most memories of what happened during sleep. What many people believe to be their dreams are, in fact, fragments of encounters in the sleep world that appear to be nonsensical at times.quote small right


Lucid Dreams


  • quote small leftLucid dreams are very active, powerful events that can be brought into the consciousness of the dreamer upon awakening. This is usually because the dreamer was in control of their state of awareness while experiencing the dream. In other words, the dreamer retained a certain degree of consciousness of their physical existence even while they were asleep and dreaming. The more conscious they are of their physical existence while they are in the illusory dream world, the more in control of themselves and their situation they will be. That is, when they retain continuous awareness, they are less disadvantaged when they enter the sleep world.quote small right


Amitakh Stanford

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The New Species

The New Species

  The New Species       From: Image Source On March 12, 2015 Amitakh Stanford penned a piece titled, "The New Species". It is very brief – approximately 550 words. As she expressively forbids reposting of her work, only a few excerpts are used here. Read the full article HERE. In this writeup, Ms. Stanford begins, Britain and the United States are openly involved with the production of three-parent babies via gene splicing and IVF, purportedly to avoid certain types of congenital defects.



To Sleep or Not to Sleep

To Sleep or Not to Sleep

  To Sleep or Not to Sleep       From: Homeless Souls [Image Source] In chapter 13, Amitakh Stanford examines sleeping and dreaming while sleeping.The chapter begins, Everyone has entered the astral world many times. It is where we travel in our astral body after we fall asleep. It is not a foreign or distant land, and although it is a place people are very familiar with, they cannot remember much about it.Each time a person goes to sleep, it is like having a taste of death, except that the person returns to the physical when they awaken.



Cosmic Craziness

Cosmic Craziness

  Cosmic Craziness       From: Homeless Souls In chapter 15, Amitakh Stanford gives more details about the Astral Worlds.The chapter begins, The astral world is more man just the place we visit during sleep. It is a realm where consciousnesses reside after they have dropped the physical body. For those who have heard of the astral world, they probably only think about the astral world that interacts with the Earth and its inhabitants. However, it might surprise many to know that there is more than one astral world.



The After-Death

The After-Death

  The After-Death       From: Homeless Souls [Intergalactic Advocate Bob] In chapter 16, Amitakh Stanford examines the After-DeathThe chapter begins, When plants die, new ones sprout. Human beings are born to replace older generations. Thus is the cycle of life. We are told that life goes on, and that without death, there would be no birth. This would seem to be true when considering life as it appears around us.



Of Two Minds

Of Two Minds

  Of Two Minds       From: Homeless Souls [Image Source] In chapter 20, Amitakh Stanford examines the mind-brain problem. The chapter begins, The human brain remains an enigma to researchers. It is generally accepted that the brain is the instrument that drives the body, whilst the mind is concerned with processing lhe information that is received by receplors and passed to the central nervous system. However, this is just a physical observation and interpretation of the workings of the brain. The mind is very different to the brain. It is almost impossible to separate the mind from the brain, which is perhaps why the terms are so often used...



Spirit Takes a Trip

Spirit Takes a Trip

  Spirit Takes a Trip       From: Homeless Souls In chapter 21, Amitakh Stanford examines after-death. The chapter begins, The fear of death terrifies most people, to me extent of numbing those that are dying. It saddens their loved ones, whilst reminding them that they, too, will die one day. The loss of a loved one, be they a person or pet, hurts deeply, and leaves an emptiness.





  Deliverance       From: Homeless Souls In chapter 22, Amitakh Stanford examines Deliverance  The chapter begins, Nobody has all the truth, although some have more knowledge of it than others. If one can help contribute even a little bit of the truth, its power will swell, and the illusions maintained by ignorance will begin to weaken. But, many people, because of selfishness and ego, will not share their knowledge, or deliberately deceive for personal gain. We can come closer to comprehending what for centuries has been regarded as the Great Mystery, by first realising that the world in which we live is a virtual reality within the...