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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” — Socrates

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 Amitakh Stanford Overview 

Amitakh Stanford – Walk In

amitakh stanford 1 132Amitakh Stanford is a self-described "Walk In". (See bio on next tab.)

Whatever the source, she puts forth information and ideas about the astral world that 'make sense'.

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About Amitakh Stanford

Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas (Light Workers). I am an extraterrestrial being - code name - Amitakh. I came to the Earth as a "walk-in".  One of my main responsibilities has been to keep close tabs on an evil alien being - code name - Ikluk.

The ruling elite are intimidated by my writings.  The beings of Darkness try all sorts of ways to link me with Ikluk, who has "re-incarnated" on Earth many times over millennia.

He has taken on many identities, such as:
     ■ Aaron (brother/cousin of Moses)
     ■ John the Baptist
     ■ Kirok
     ■ King Arthur
     ■ Hitler
     ■ In his current "incarnation" he has taken on a relatively insignificant body as a small-town medical doctor known as
        Joseph Chiappalone.

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  Spirit Takes a Trip       From: Homeless Souls
Homeless Souls, Chapter 21 ♦ Spirit Takes a Trip
walking to the light 250

In chapter 21, Amitakh Stanford examines
after-death. The chapter begins,

  • quote small leftThe fear of death terrifies most people, to the extent of numbing those that are dying. It saddens their loved ones, whilst reminding them that they, too, will die one day. The loss of a loved one, be they a person or pet, hurts deeply, and leaves an emptiness.
  •      Of all the horrendous illusions, death is the most cruel and heartless. It is a vile and wicked imposition. There is no death in Creation. There is only death in the Virtual Reality.
  •      People are influenced by various accounts of after-death scenarios. These accounts confuse, worry and frighten them. It is bad enough to have to go through death, but it is even worse to think that the unknown that awaits could be horrifying, and that they must embark on this journey alone.
  •      The threat of fire and brimstone upheld by some religions, compounds these fears and creates more horror and confusion about death. Many religions subscribe to judgement of the dead with purgatory or hell for non-believers and evil doers. Catholics, in particular, are tormented by the thought that non-baptised babies could end up in purgatory.
  •      Hindus and Buddhists have frightening views of the immediate after-death state. Most of the imagery is very real and frightening, including hellish, terrifying scenes of boiling in oil, the gouging of eyes and other torture. Reading Buddhist texts too quickly or skipping passages is supposed to incur punishment, as can the killing of insects or other living things, which arguably means that everyone is guilty of the crime and will be punished. quote small right
Culturally or Religiously Instilled Thoughts and Expectations
  • quote small leftTibetan Buddhism teaches that the spirits of the dead will encounter all types of illusory visions during the bardo - a 49-day journey with various stages. Other cultures believe that the spirits of the departed remain on the Earth plane around family and friends for either seven or three days before moving on, whilst others still believe that they wander the Earth until the next full moon.
  •      The following is based on my own knowledge and experiences. I have learned how to enter and exit the astral whilst bypassing most of the memory erasure processes, and have investigated many aspects of the Earth's astral world, as well as others in the Virtual Reality.
  •      There is no set amount of days for the journey after death to the astral. The normal process is for the spirit of the deceased to linger around the people and places they know for a period of time before going directly to the astral world, without experiencing fire, brimstone, torture or other illusory tests. However, the journey can be hellish for some who believe it will be that way. The deceased person's thoughts and expectations, especially those that have been culturally or religiously instilled, can affect what type of journey they will have, and the period of time it will take. This is one aspect of the illusory reality over which a person does have some conrrol.
  •      The astral world that has been revealed thus far, by people who have had glimpses of it, is really only the outskirts of the astral world. The higher or lower in the realm, the less is revealed. Occasionally, beings from the deepest recesses of the lower astral regions are deliberately released into other physical realms to cause havoc, confusion and instability to the inhabitants of those worlds. Such spirits are perceived as demons who can be conjured up or summoned by those who practise dark arts. Likewise, from time to time, beings from the higher, or more refined, levels of the astral realm are sent out as angels, spiritual messengers or helpers to give the appearance of divinity, goodness and love. The whole astral system is designed to continue the trappings and illusions of the physical world, and to give the appearance that there are good beings in charge.quote small right
Prisons of Illusions
  • quote small leftWe often hear people say that their departed mother or father will be so proud as they look down at them, indicating that they believe heaven is above the physical world. The ones who practise ancestral worship believe that when their ancestors died they became gods, who now live in heaven above and look after them. But, there is no Heaven in the Virtual Reality, only prisons of illusions. If there is a Hell, it is this Virtual Reality of unending illusions, which includes the physical Earth and the astral world. All the other physical worlds and their respective astral worlds in the Universal Dodecahedron are just gradations of Hell. It is like the gradations of prisons on Earth, from isolation cells in maximum security prisons, through to low security prisons, house arrest, diplomatic asylum, those on bail or personal recognisance, and those who think they are free but are restricted.
  •      Those in the lowest security areas of the astral feel as though they are on holiday. They attend conferences, acquire new skills, get healing and re-training, teach and help others. Those in the lower levels think they are going through rehabilitation for eventual repatriation into the upper levels, or that they are paying off karmic debts. Debt is used in the physical and the astral to control and enslave residents and give the appearance of fairness, justice and order. In the upper levels of the astral, it is made to appear that the residents are reaping the rewards of good karma. In reality, however, all of the residents of the astral are being hoodwinked and are deluded.quote small right
Arrival at the Astral
  • quote small leftAll the dogmas and doctrines aside, it is important for people not to harbour hatred, hold grudges or wrongly blame others for their predicaments. Hatred can eat away at people in life, and it continues to fester in the afterlife. People who hate build dark clouds around themselves. It is easier to blame others, rather than take responsibility. Some people carry grudges throughout their lives as a way to hide their own inadequacies and mistakes. The tendency to blame and attack others unjustly can create more problems, as can intense anger, guilt and jealousy. These are some of the reasons why dying people sometimes desire to ease their minds through a last confession.
  •      On the other hand, there are those who feel that they have lived a good life, a full life, and are ready to leave. These are usually the ones who die happily, and their afterlife transitions are also smooth and swift.
  •      Once the deceased complete the journey through the transitional period and arrive at the astral, they are received by astral attendants, who expect their arrival and have them scheduled for reception processing. As they arrive, there is a formal announcement as their names are called out. The residents have prior notice of who is coming, particularly if it is someone who was well-known on Earth or they knew personally.
  •      Residents can visit the reception area to listen to the announcements and greet the new arrivals. For example, when Winston Churchill was about to arrive, many of the inhabitants of the astral were waiting to welcome him. Of course, there were also many others who could not wait to punch him. Earthly adoration and friction can continue in the astral. That is why certain radical inhabitants have to be tranquillised periodically to keep them under control until they have been re-educated. Upon arrival at the reception centre, new arrivals are then routed to various points. It should be remembered that the staff working in the astral, wherever they are assigned, do not know about the conspiracy or the Conspirators. In other words, most of them think they are doing good deeds.quote small right
The Blind Can See, the Deaf Can Hear
  • quote small leftUsually the new arrivals are brimming with excitement at being reunited with family, friends and pets. To them it is a new and refreshing adventure. They feel like they have at last come home.
  •      Early in the process, the new arrivals are usually directed to take a rest in the form of a sleep. After awakening from their designated sleep, they rise and are sent to orientation, which will be conducted either individually or in groups. The nature of the orientation is usually very interesting and tailored to individual taste, which makes them feel very welcome and at home.
  •      New arrivals who are too aware or deemed difficult to deal with are sent into the cleansing shower as soon as possible for tranquillisation. The shower is really a form of memory erasure and tampering disguised as a beneficial event. It is also a propaganda-instilling process. False memories of past lives can also be incorporated into the shower.
  •      In the astral, people begin to look youlhful and alive. The aches, pains, disabilities and other health problems they had when they were alive disappear. The blind can see, the deaf can hear, and the amputees are whole again. Such astral magic convinces many that they are indeed in heaven.
  •      After a short rest, most of the new arrivals are keen and excited to explore their new lives in the astral, even though they have been through it many times before. A repeating process also happens in the astral life. Some of the residents are scheduled to go through the same itinerary over and over again, with memory erasure at the end of each completion so they do not know it is happening. In fact, the attendanrs in charge of such individuals are also unaware that the same schedule is repeating. Each time the cycle repeats they experience it anew, as if for the first time, a bit like the movie, Groundhog Day. These repeating schedules were brought into being after the lords of karma were displaced. Thus, despite orderly appearances, some parts of the astral are really a mess.quote small right
In Wonderland Everything is Produced by Thought Forms
  • quote small leftFully pacified astral residents feel free and at liberty to do anything, as long as they do not violate the astral rules. Yet, they are told there are no rules. They can attend free concerts, museums, past-life exhibils, quiz shows, stage performances, cinemas, operas, art galleries, sporting events, gardens and parks, beaches, nature parks or whatever their hearts desire; they feel as though they are in wonderland. Everything is produced by thought forms. All they have to do is think of where they want to be, and they are there. They can live rent-free in whatever area they choose in their own dream house and garden, or they might find their childhood home with their parents living in it. Of course, these are all illusions.
  •      Many people carry on as they did on Earth. Those who like shopping do a lot of it. They eat and drink because they remember doing it and think they need to. When they finally realise that they do not need to eat or drink, they cease doing so.
  •      Then, when things start to settle and the novelty wears off, they are coaxed into attending certain classes. These are usually conducted in the halls of learning, where people can take up all sorts of activities and learn things that they never dreamt of before. They can learn to play the piano very quickly and have the competence of a concert pianist, or paint like a master, sing like a star, become an eloquent orator, a talented surgeon, or a wonderful researcher. They can suddenly discover that they have a green thumb, and grow fantastic crops and beautiful flowers. The list is only limited by their imagination.quote small right
Return to Earth
  • quote small leftSome of the arrivals eventually move to other zones or levels of the astral and take on long or short term residence, others are trained to become astral staff members. They are led to believe that it is an honour that they have earned. Others return to Earth again.
  •      Before re-incarnating, they will go through a form of brainwashing to help them choose a certain path that will prepare them for their next incarnation. They will be led to believe that it is their choice to return to Earth in a particular form with a new life purpose. They will be told that they can choose their parents and other particulars about their new life. But, as outlined previously, these are illusory choices only, and they do not know the consequences of their choices. They will then be told to take the cleansing shower, where they lose most of their memories. They are led to believe that the cleansing shower is necessary and for their own good. By and large, the inhabitants follow these instructions.
  •      People who have a hard time entering the astral due to ignorance or confusion will eventually get assistance to find their way there. They, too, will eventually begin the same orientation process. Nearly all of the lost souls are found. None are really lost, except those that are deliberalely left where they are by the Conspirators' agents for whatever reason. This category of lost souls accounts for many of the hauntings on Earth.
  •      Those who are trapped in their own minds, by their own illusions, due to intense fear, hatred or deviant thought forms, will find themselves in the lower astral, where things are run differently. This is the real madhouse of hellish existence that even astral administrators and staff avoid. Again, these individuals are severely tranquillised by various illusory methods (including memory erasure and implantation of false memories) as they are made ready for the saner parts of the astral.quote small right
One-World Astral Government
  • quote small leftThere is a single controlling agency in the astral. It can be likened to a one-world government on Earth. Thus, control in the astral is singularly applied. There is only one source of propaganda, like having a single channel on the television, controlled and broadcast by the only government in the world. Any potential astral rebels are quickly quashed, and have very little chance of exposing the astral frauds. On Earth, slander, libel, false witnesses and manufactured evidence are used to destroy people's credibility in order to silence them. In the astral, the method is the same, but it is carried out so subtly and is so well concealed that it is almost impossible to doubt or suspect the astral government or its agents.
  •      On Earth, there are many innocent people in jails. Likewise, some of those in the lower, hellish realms of the astral are unjustly imprisoned there for trying to do good while on Earth, because the good deeds they performed happened to interfere with the Conspirators' nefarious plans. This is one way that karma works, even though it claims to be just! Some of the Earth's worst criminals and tyrants can be rewarded in the astral for being loyal servants of the Conspirators.
  •      Many cultures and religions subscribe to the belief that there are seven zones or levels of heaven. It is most probable that this idea has been borrowed or adopted from earlier belief systems, one of which is the Aryan religion. Due to the pre-conditioning that seven is a spiritual number, nearly everyone accepts that this must be the case, but it is not. In the astral, there are more than seven levels, going both up and down. Within each level are sub-regions. This is like virtual realities within virtual realities within virtual realities. Most of the residents are assigned to the intermediate levels. If one is not hampered by propaganda, they can more easily see beyond the seventh level. However, even the most pious or deserving astral residents have been duped into thinking they have reached the apex of heaven, as per the orders of the one-world astral government administrators.quote small right
Victims of the Great Mystery
  • quote small leftOn their way to reaching the supposed apex of heaven, the seventh heaven, there are those who are considered great teachers and masters – angels and ascended masters are two of the terms people have used to describe such beings. These are spiritual beings that earthlings look up to, yet they, too, are victims of the Great Mystery and are lost in the illusions.
  •      In the intermediate levels, where most residents are located, they are sometimes treated to heavenly spectacles featuring the almighty sitting on a throne, with his angels playing beautiful music on harps, and wondrous orchestral interludes filling out the spectacle of adoration. The residents of the higher levels will participate in these celestial pageants, which are like live-stage performances. These elaborate celebrations are tailored to the religious or cultural orientations of their audience, who are grouped together by belief and sectioned off in various parts of the asrral world. For example, Hindus and Buddhists are less likely to watch a man on a throne being adorned and worshipped by harp-playing angels. Instead of seeing Jesus, they will more likely see Krishna and Buddha respectively, or some other revered figure specific to their religion.
  •      In the lower astral realms, these pageants are replaced by huge tournaments, in which residents fight with monsters and beings to see who is the most deserving and gruesome of the underworld. The most heinous ones are given positions of power to run the underworld, because the astral administrators do not want to venture into its depths.quote small right
The Alien Region is a Space-Age Environment
  • quote small leftAliens who have arrived on the Earth plane are like immigrants to this world. When they die, whether they occupied human or alien bodies while in the physical, they are assigned to a specific region of the astral world. The alien region is a space-age environment that is far more sophisticated in appearance than the human regions.
  •      Whereas humans are housed in families and communities in the astral, aliens are housed according to maturity. Humans mix with different age groups, much as they did on Earth. However, aliens do not have family living situations. They are housed according to their duties, in more sterile environments. Aliens regard discipline as one of their virtues, not a restriction. They work more co-operatively than competitively, and strive for group success to enhance their communities. They are more prone to live in communes, and often work in fields of science while in the astral. Like their human counterparts, the non-conformist and ambitious aliens are usually assigned to a lower chamber of their region, where they are immobilised so as not to disrupt the alien order or threaten the astral administrators' rule.
  •      When aliens who occupied human bodies arrive in the astral, most of them go through a form of hospitalisation for healing. Each of them is placed in an individual cocoon-like decontamination tent. These tents are all consolidated in one place. Once they finish their decontamination, they are allowed into their own respective assigned places, grouped according to maturity.
  •      Aliens who were part of human families are able to communicate with, and check on, those they have left behind via a screen that is made available to them. They can also interact with those still in the physical via dreams and on the subtle, but these contacts are subject to restrictions.quote small right
All the Worlds are Segregated and Divided
  • quote small leftTo keep alien residents from discovering other levels of the astral world, they bypass the normal arrival process. It is as if they are pre-programmed to know how to punch in to report their arrival to the astral, and punch out when it is time for them to re-incarnate.
  •      Before they enter either an alien or human body on the Earth, they, too, are subjected to memory erasure and false-memory implantation. Some will be given privileged gifts whilst others will be restricted in their expressions in their new lives. Aliens, like humans, endure unjust distribution of rewards and punishments.
  •      The bottom line is that all the worlds are segregated and divided to give the appearance of differences, when, in fact, all consciousnesses are the same, whether they occupied alien, human, animal or other bodies during their earthly existence. Race, culture, language, religion, species, intelligence and class are all illusory trappings that merely cause consciousnesses to look, feel and act differently.
  •      Just as the world is in a mess, with the appearance of orderliness only, so too is the astral - hopelessly so. Just as earthly governments do not want people to panic about how fast the world is deteriorating, the astral administrators are keeping everything secret to avoid a similar reaction. Enough panic will sink the whole ship. The hierarchies are so complicated and unreachable that those below lack the power to correct things, whilst those above are afraid to rock the boat.
  •      There is not much residents of the astral can do about their predicament, except continue with their existence in the astral as prescribed by the seen and unseen administrators and their agents. When their time is up in the astral, whether it is of short or long duration, they are convinced or forced to re-incarnate. Many lives look pre-destined because much of life is just that. However, there are some who have learned how to bypass the full erasure process and enter as walk-ins. These are the rare exceptions.quote small right

Amitakh Stanford

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Spirit Takes a Trip

Spirit Takes a Trip

  Spirit Takes a Trip       From: Homeless Souls In chapter 21, Amitakh Stanford examines after-death. The chapter begins, The fear of death terrifies most people, to me extent of numbing those that are dying. It saddens their loved ones, whilst reminding them that they, too, will die one day. The loss of a loved one, be they a person or pet, hurts deeply, and leaves an emptiness.





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