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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” — Socrates

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 Amitakh Stanford Overview 

Amitakh Stanford – Walk In

amitakh stanford 1 132Amitakh Stanford is a self-described "Walk In". (See bio on next tab.)

Whatever the source, she puts forth information and ideas about the astral world that 'make sense'.

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About Amitakh Stanford

Greetings to all Tarra-ha-tikas (Light Workers). I am an extraterrestrial being - code name - Amitakh. I came to the Earth as a "walk-in".  One of my main responsibilities has been to keep close tabs on an evil alien being - code name - Ikluk.

The ruling elite are intimidated by my writings.  The beings of Darkness try all sorts of ways to link me with Ikluk, who has "re-incarnated" on Earth many times over millennia.

He has taken on many identities, such as:
     ■ Aaron (brother/cousin of Moses)
     ■ John the Baptist
     ■ Kirok
     ■ King Arthur
     ■ Hitler
     ■ In his current "incarnation" he has taken on a relatively insignificant body as a small-town medical doctor known as
        Joseph Chiappalone.

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As noted above, this section is under construction.

Numerous excerpts are reposted here, without any editorial comment.

When time allows, editorial comments may be added later.

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  Deliverance       From: Homeless Souls
Homeless Souls, Chapter 22 ♦ Deliverance

In chapter 22, Amitakh Stanford examines Deliverance
The chapter begins,

deliverance 236
  • quote small leftNobody has all the truth, although some have more knowledge of it than others. If one can help contribute even a little bit of the truth, its power will swell, and the illusions maintained by ignorance will begin to weaken. But, many people, because of selfishness and ego, will not share their knowledge, or deliberately deceive for personal gain.
  •      We can come closer to comprehending what for centuries has been regarded as the Great Mystery, by first realising that the world in which we live is a virtual reality within the Virtual Reality.
  •      It was brought into being by the Conspirators, who invented motion, which illusion was off-set by the illusion of no-motion, to ensure the consciousnesses trapped inside were not overcome by the illusory velocity. From this basic design, the Conspirators created the Minds - extraordinarily complex and sophisticated computer-like systems - that maintain the whole structure by endlessly generating the mesmerising geometric patterns that form all the illusory matter in the Universal Dodecahedron.
  •      All of the consciousnesses in the Virtual Reality are prisoners of the Universal Dodecahedron - the victims of illusions within illusions within illusions designed to trap, confuse, numb, and ensure ignorance of the truth.quote small right
Prison of Illusions
  • quote small leftAll the prisoners are subjected to endless barrages and streams of invisible colours, inaudible sounds, and microscopic repeating mesmerising patterns, all forming inescapable and silent external noise. Simultaneously, there are imperceptible scans of the mind, partial memory erasures and false-memory implantations (amongst numerous other things), to ensure control and continuous slumber, tranquillisation and hospitalisation of the trapped consciousnesses. These are some of the measures being used in this gigantic Prison of Illusions.
  •      Mind erasures conducted in the astral are not always complete, and after a consciousness re-incarnates, things can happen to trigger partial memories of past lives. Stress or trauma are two ways this can happen. These memories are treated by psychiatrists as signs of psychosis instead of valid memories, and lead to drug, shock and other harmful therapies being administered to the patients. Treating such mental patients with drugs is only a band-aid solution at best. It will only exacerbate the problems. Medical professionals who work closely with mental patients risk engaging their minds with the patients' minds. This interchange of minds can adversely affect the minds of those trying to treat the patients. Working with the minds of others is a dangerous business.
  •      Obsessive rumination or bitterness can also spark off residual memory due to partial erasure. There are more of these incidents now due mainly to the breaking down of the astral system. All procedures performed in the astral are suffering setbacks. After re-incarnating, the residual traces of hellish memories can bring about more mental confusion in people. They might mentally experience something they cannot begin to describe, other than likening it to a form of depression or anxiety that can push them over the edge at any time. Those who suffer from these mental symptoms might think they are going crazy, and there are no people trained to effectively treat their ailment. The number of people suffering some form of mental disorder is on the rise.quote small right
Everyone is suffering from illusory insanity
  • quote small leftConsciousnesses have also developed illusory fears, addictions and paranoia which compound the complexities of existence, and play on the minds which surround every consciousness entrapped in the Virtual Reality, including those of the Conspirators. Everyone inside the Universal Dodecahedron is suffering from varying degrees and types of illusory insanity.
  •      The Conspirators operate on the principle of secrecy, which permeates every level of existence in the Virtual Reality. Secrecy is the antithesis of liberty. Secrecy and other surreptitious operations pervade all the physical and non-physical worlds contained in the twelve universes making up the Universal Dodecahedron.
  •      To keep the secrets from being exposed, the Conspirators use the tool of ignorance to misinform, sidetrack and confuse the imprisoned consciousnesses. Deception is used as a cover. Secrecy, ignorance and deception lead to many issues that cause conflicts, delusions, confusion and hallucinations in the illusory madhouse.
  •      Laws exist only in the Virtual Reality. They are there to maintain the illusions. Whilst it is more difficult to see that the laws and rules governing nature are artificial, they are every bit as artificial and arbitrary as human laws. The laws of nature were created by the Conspirators, who have so infected the minds of humans that the latter create lesser laws that consequently compound and exacerbate complexity, falsehood, deception, injustice, secrecy and fraud. As above, as below.
  •      Except for artificial consciousnesses, all consciousnesses are the same in essence. All consciousnesses long to return to the Source. There is no denying that some things and people in this world are so wicked and horrendous that there is really no word to describe them other than "evil". The concept of a battle between good and evil is an illusory conflict even though there appears to be absolute good and absolute evil.quote small right
Good and Evil
  • quote small leftThese illusions were designed to create unending conflict. Undoubtedly, everyone has, in one life or another, judged others as being good or evil. All of us have made the mistake of perceiving someone as either good or evil, and engaging in self-righteous judgement. When one realises the illusions are traps that have been purposely created by the Conspirators, one begins to feel remorse for ever engaging in the perceived battle of good and evil. The feeling of remorse is the first step out of that dangerous trap. This does not mean to let one's guard down, because the deception that "all is love and all is good" is another trap in the Virtual Reality. There are things and people who are intentionally set in people's way to corrupt and lure them further from God. Even though it is illusory, evil exists and is very real in the Virtual Reality. This may sound contradictory, but it was set up that way. Everything here is a mirage - an illusion.
  •      Evil does not exist in God's Creation. There can be imperfection, but imperfection is not evil. The love is so great that it eventually self-corrects imperfections.
  •      Nobody can escape from the Virtual Reality, even when one has seen through the hallucinatory panorama of physical and astral existence. Whether one believes or denies the existence of consciousness, or fully accepts all existence within the Virtual Reality as real or otherwise, one cannot truly escape the imprisonment. All consciousnesses can only wait patiently as God dismantles the Virtual Reality. It will happen, it is happening.
  •      Everything in this existence amounts to a state of mind. If a person has tens of thousands in the bank, they can still feel broke and worry about their financial security. Another can have a few dollars in their pocket and have peace of mind that they have the money to do what they want. If you keep chasing money, fame, glory, power, emotional love, worldly success, luxury, adoration, approval or even piety, you will never have enough. These will all become bigger and bigger traps for you.quote small right
Embedded in illusions
  • quote small leftIn trying to achieve what the world perceives as success, almost everyone strives in their own way. People become overly ambitious, materialistic and ruthless in their pursuit of illusory happiness. If their neighbours have a nice car, they want one, too. In pursuit of luxurious living, people focus more on material things and distance themselves further from the Source. In this Virtual Reality, the more one focuses on the illusions, the deeper one becomes embedded in them. That is why, if one is constantly in an environment that is contradictory to a spiritual life, one becomes more and more at home with the material life as the spiritual life becomes increasingly unreal. If attention is not paid to the inner conflict, eventually it will disappear, as the still, small voice of God is muted. This distances one further from the Source.
  •      The Conspirators have set up struggles and conflicts so people have no time to suspect and investigate the fraud being played out. People neglect their spiritual existence, fail to nurture it, until they are so weak that they forget God. But, God has not forgotten them, and prods them to remember their Source. In a sense, God has come into the depths of Hell to bring back everyone who will come Home.
  •      When one begins to focus on God, one begins to experience a pleasant emptiness or a sense of homesickness. Some people look up into the night sky and feel that their home is somewhere in the distant stars. This feeling must be experienced, it cannot otherwise be understood, though there are people who are quick to psychoanalyse this feeling in ignorance. It is most likely the yearning to return to the Source, the forgotten Home that only inner inklings can remember. These inklings impress one to embark on an inner journey in search of God.quote small right
  • quote small leftOnly those consciousnesses that have drifted so far from God and moved so close to the Conspirators are in danger of being beyond Deliverance from the Virtual Reality. Of course, all the artificial consciousnesses created by the Conspirators or their agents will forever be linked with their originators anyway. Thus, for all intents and purposes, they never existed and are just mirages.
  •      The void, a state of contented non-existence, may be nirvana to some, but it is still an illusion inside the Virtual Reality. The real Paradise that is longed for is beyond this illusion-filled creation. It is Home to every consciousness that was ever created by the Source - God. In Paradise, there are no illusions, no deceptions, no laws, no contracts and no hierarchies, there is no falsity, no greed, no death, no suffering, no illness, no jealousy, no vengeance, no lust and no war - everything works spontaneously with the pure forces of love and harmony.
  •      Intense jealousy can lead to vengeful thoughts and actions, which lay serious traps in this existence. Vengeance is a very destructive energy that drives people to intentionally disadvantage, hurt, harm and destroy others by plotting, scheming and lying. It sets friends, families and nations apart. Revenge is a huge obstacle in one's spiritual path for it blocks awareness and causes one to be blinded by falsehood. Vengeance encompasses bitterness, jealousy, anger and hate. People affected by such energy become obsessed with destroying others. When nations express bitter jealousy and plot for vengeance it invariably leads to conflicts and wars, which ruin lives and nations. Indulging in bitter, vengeful energy is very destructive - it weakens the Will and makes the consciousness vulnerable.quote small right
Guarding Wil
  • quote small leftThe Will is like a Divine essence from God that cannot be forcibly taken by the Conspirators. It can only be given away. Bribery, torture, coercion, deception and other means are used to weaken individuals. Giving the Will over is comparable to handing over a password or personal code in order that the Conspirators can own the consciousness. The Story of the devil tempting people to sell their souls is not too far-fetched. Sadly, many have handed over their Will to the Conspirators.
  •      The only freewill choice that anyone truly has in this Virtual Reality is whether to guard their Will.
  •      Consciousnesses caught in the illusions are akin to being frozen, but not dead. To break away from the Conspirators, they need to be thawed. Some deliberately choose to remain frozen. Like drug addicts who would sell their children, commit crimes, betray themselves, family and friends in order to get hold of drugs, when beings are addicted to the illusions here, they risk the danger of giving over their Will to the Conspirators. All who love God and want to go Home should fearlessly and relentlessly guard their Will to remain with God.
  •      The only real battle between good and evil is the struggle one has to retain one's Will until God's Deliverance from the Virtual Reality. That is really the only thing we can and must do for ourselves. Everything else can only be done by God.
  •      Although evil is an illusory force, it is powerful enough to weaken and deceive people into surrendering their Will to the Conspirators. The Will is the most precious thing anyone can have. Without the Will, the person is lost forever.
  •      All of us must make great efforts to strengthen our Will so that we can anchor ourselves as much as possible to find safe harbour while patiently awaiting God's Deliverance. This will be the only Deliverance ever. Whilst we think we are searching for God, ironically, in the end, it is really God searching for us.quote small right
Your heart is your compass
  • quote small leftNo human being can play the role of God, or fully understand the essence of God. None can walk the path to God for you. The journey to the Creator is personal and may be different for everyone. No one can truly lead you to the Creator, for ultimately, it is God who will seek you, in God's own way, which no one else knows. Thus, the relationship between you and the Creator is your personal dance. It is uniquely special and beautiful.
  •      There is hope for every consciousness who sincerely wants out of the illusions. Regardless of race, gender, status, language or religion, they have hope. If one desires closeness to the Divine and one's intention is sincere, all flaws and apparent mistakes become irrelevant. It might seem contradictory that an atheist would desire to be near God, but non-belief is due to the illusions in the Virtual Reality. It is one's intention that counts, not one's beliefs.
  •      We do not need a religion or a mediator to communicate with God. We do not need rituals or ceremonies to reach God. We do not need dogmas or doctrines to seek God. Our consciousness is a part of God, so, in one sense, we are inwardly linked with God. We communicate with God in our inner silence. There are no rules, guides or dictates for talking to God. It springs spontaneously from the depths of our inner being.
  •      Let your heart guide you towards the Source. Your heart is your compass, and while its course can stray, its destination will always be true, so long as you follow it. One's heart can lead the way and override one's befuddled mind. The heart knows the way.quote small right
Live in love, simplicity and truth
  • quote small leftThe key to survival in the Virtual Reality is to strengthen one's Will. As the Will becomes stronger, so too will one see through the illusions more and more. One's Will is strengthened and protected, not just by observing such things as kindness, but by also resisting the lures and desires of this Virtual Reality to the extent that one can appreciate what it means to gain in the world at a loss to one's Will. When one begins to awaken to the illusions and falsehood, one needs to have the strength and courage to make the effort to give up such things as greed, lust, indulgences, pretence and other materialistic things, which are indulgences for those addicted to the Virtual Reality. Only then will they begin to see things differently from those around them, and be better able to discern truth from falsehood.
  •      A wise sage once said, "Live in love, simplicity and truth." If you have love for the Divine, your heart will know what to do. Simplicity will keep you away from many of the lures of this Virtual Reality, so you will not constantly focus on the illusions, but on the Divine and the truth itself, which will help you see through falsehood and guide you on the right path. In the Virtual Reality, when you focus on the illusions, they mesmerise you and change your perspectives.
  •      Imagine the joy when beings can, for the first time in aeons, be truly free of the imprisonment of the nightmare of illusions. This will be Deliverance from darkness and horror. This will be the entry into the True Light.
  •      Ata-ka-yu-di. Beginning and end.
         Watsa-ki-u-ti. All things shall follow.
  • What is in your heart. What is in your mind. What is in your spirit. Let these be untainted.quote small right
Parting Words
  • quote small leftThese are my parting words:
  •      There was a time when all was Right - when that which was, was all that was - but that time was lost when things turned Wrong. The Wrong drew many on that course - the Path to utter Destruction. The Lure to go Wrong was cast into the Divine Sea, and many unwittingly followed. Some have fought like fish on lines and struggled and resisted, and they have never been brought aboard the Wrong Ship. These have been valiant struggles for those brave ones who have resisted with all their Will. It is for those who still fight the Wrong that the Love of the Divine has been poured into the Sea of Corruption.
  •      Most who took the Lure struggled little. These gave their Will over to the Wrong and were easily brought aboard the Wrong Ship. These who have given over their Will to Wrong are wasting away in the hold of the Putrid Ship. It is also for these lost ones that Deliverance has commenced - not to bring them Home, for they have turned Wrong and are hopeless, but to reduce their suffering by cutting the Source away from the Wrong. Then the Wrong Ship and all Its cargo will soon be no more.
  •      The time of Deliverance is now, because so many who have fought so long are at the end of their Will to resist. The hold of the Wrong Ship would soon snatch them. It is for these very brave ones who have struggled at every turn that the Wrong Ship is being cut off now.
  •      The time is now. All those who have fallen prey will soon be no more as the Ship of Wrong is wrecked and It too will soon waste away.
  •      For those who struggle against the Wrong - Rejoice! Your battles are nearly over, but fight the Wrong to the last, as the Right, which is the Light, will soon cut those lines and pull you from the Corrupted Sea, far from the memory of the Wrong Ship and Its Lures.
  •      Strength is given to those who ask, as the Love of the Creator is all about the Corrupted Sea. This Love was poured into the Corrupted Sea in order to sustain those who choose the Source. Soon, very soon, all the lines will snap, and those who have struggled will swim free and at long last be liberated.
  •      Rejoice. The day is drawing near. Be strong until that time, for very soon all who have struggled with all their Will shall be delivered safely to their Home.
  •      The time is indeed very close. Soon, all that is will all be Right when all that is, is in the Light. This is the Promise from God.quote small right

Amitakh Stanford

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