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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” — Socrates

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  Channelling a One World Government through a New World Order       by: New World Order Watch
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Look around and you see a world in increasing distress. Conventional modes of politics and the nation state are showing unmistakable signs of strain. It seems civilisation is facing an internecine struggle against confronting new realities. Many communities are being afflicted by various crises as the world transitions through tumultuous channels of change.

A chorus of calls to reform the world’s governance and economic systems have risen sharply in recent years, particularly since the onset of the Global Financial Crisis. From almost every corner of the globe there is a leader, activist or academic prescribing afresh what they think the world needs in terms of a new world order and overhaul of existing institutions and systems.

  The Greatest Challenge: the Golden Future       From: Osho World     27074 words
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This small book, The Greatest Challenge: the Golden Future, is unashamedly addressed to the intelligent people of this threatened planet. It is a response to the report of the United Nations from the World Commission on Environment and Development, Our Common Future, which identifies the major issues threatening the future of this planet.

This book presents another facet of the Osho vision, a proposal for a viable humanity; a diagnosis of the psychological and social sicknesses that divide human beings, within and without, into warring factions. It outlines the critical steps required if there is to be any future – let alone the golden future that lies within our grasp.

That our very survival is now an open question is doubted by no one – yet nothing changes. That we are sacrificing the very existence of the most beautiful flowering of this universe in childishly immature conflicts is widely understood – yet nothing changes. That action is needed now is accepted by global experts everywhere – yet nothing changes.

The clock ticks quietly away....

New World Order / One World Government

Below are copies taken from two sources of high-level NWO Propaganda. Reposted here as there are some good ideas presented by both of these prolific writers — typical of limited hangouts.

More examples of a focus on the symptoms, but never the root cause.

Osho | "The Greatest Challenge: the Golden Future"

Mike Hockney | "The Armageddon Conspiracy "

Brief summary of each on the right.
If/when time permits, I'll add   

limited hangout 155The Greatest Challenge

Previous speculation about Osho being a disinfo agent is outlined in: Is the book of children a limited hangout?) "The Greatest Challenge" leaves no doubt.

Was Osho simply naïve, or was he compromised, or maybe psy-oped? (Or a little of each?) Apparently this "vision of the future" was written by Osho in 1988 (he died in 1990). Is it possible he had no knowledge of the shadow governnment(s) and came up with all this on his own? The chapter on "One World Government" would seem to dispute that possibility.

Birth Control and Genetic Engineering

“Birth Control should be an absolute, with medical boards to decide how many new people we need every year. So only a few people should give birth to children, and that too should be done by artificial insemination, so there can be a scientific combination of the best sperm with the best egg.”

The symptom is overpopulation, the root cause is Unconscious Procreation. Governments should not decide who has children and who does not. This is clear use of force.

Education and alternatives are the most effective and responsible methods to control overpopulation.










limited hangout 155Armageddon Conspiracy

Hockney repeats over and over the need for a 100% inheritance tax. This is a non-starter — it will never happen.

Also his views on 9/11 are simply bullshit.

There are approximately 100 articles at Armageddon Conspiracy website, with probably over a million words — a very large amount of information. It is not plausable Hockney is a "free agent" — there is more behind the Armageddon Conspiracy website than one guy.

911 Crazy Conspiracy Theories

…Even though the 9/11 conspiracy theories are crazy, they at least demonstrate a willingness to question the official story. Unfortunately, they have a narrative of their own - that of anarcho-capitalist libertarianism which is opposed to any form of government. The "Truthers" seek to undermine confidence in government itself. They want to promote the narrative that the governments of the world are intent on murdering their own citizens, hence should be overthrown and replaced by their right wing form of anarchism.

The truth is that the ruling elite have no desire at all to kill their average citizens. Such citizens are docile, submissive and fully signed up to the propaganda of the elite. They are excellent consumers and they do the tedious droid and drone jobs that make the rich even richer. Why would the elite have any desire to destroy the geese that lay the golden eggs?


9/11 Revisited

The "neocon" agenda of America and its support for Zionism is well known, but that doesn't mean that the American government was behind 9/11.

In fact the truth of 9/11 could not be simpler. Osama bin Laden did it and Bush and company were hoping he would do something of that nature to give them a pretext to invade oil-rich Iraq, give regional support to Israel, and try to start converting Islamic countries to puppet capitalist democracies under America's control, thus extending the OWO's power to regions of the world not yet fully under its heel.

The key to the whole controversy is the collapse of the Twin Towers and Tower 7. The conspiracy theorists say that the hijacked planes couldn't possibly have brought the towers down, therefore they must have been expertly demolished. Therefore it was an inside job and therefore the American government was responsible.

But the collapse of the towers is completely irrelevant. America would have relied on the fact that four airplanes were hijacked and used in suicide operations as sufficient pretext for their subsequent foreign policy (military) response. Whether the twin towers fell down or not would not have made the slightest difference and therefore could not have been part of any conspiracy.

To repeat, if everything had happened exactly as it did, except the Twin Towers and Tower 7 did not come down, the American response would not have been one iota different. The hijacked planes slamming into highly symbolic American buildings and killing American citizens was the only excuse the American government needed to carry out its policy. In other words, the collapse of the Twin Towers and Tower 7 - the so-called smoking gun - is completely irrelevant in terms of the government's alleged conspiracy. Since the smoking gun is irrelevant, it's crazy to conclude that it furnishes certain proof of government involvement.

Why would the government be so dumb as to carry out needless and dangerous demolitions when it already had the excuse it needed for a war? Any American officials allegedly sitting in a room planning a false flag attack would never have said, "Right, it's not good enough simply to hijack planes and crash them into buildings, horrifically killing hundreds of people; we also need to demolish the Twin Towers, and, hey, why not demolish Tower 7 and Tower 5 while we're at it, even though nothing is actually going to hit them and it will look as suspicious as hell?"


The collapse of the Twin Towers and Tower 7 is the biggest red herring in history. The buildings collapsed for reasons that are now quite well understood in engineering terms. No demolitions took place.








  Illumination: the Secret Religion - How to Become God       From: The Armageddon Conspiracy     19762 words

logo 240Hyperborea - the land of the Illuminati

“Neither by land nor by sea shalt thou find the road to the Hyperboreans.”
(Pindar, Illuminatus)

Hyperborea: the perpetually illuminated paradise beyond the north wind where Apollo, god of Reason, spent his winters. Illumination, the religion of the Illuminati, is the world's only rational, mathematical, scientific and philosophical religion. We condemn all religions of faith, superstition and irrationality. We condemn the slave religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam that worship a Torture God who orders fathers to kill their children and revels in sending those who disobey him to eternal hellfire. We condemn all prophets, "holy" books and "Messiahs". As Kafka said,

“The Messiah will come only when he is no longer necessary; he will come only on the day after his arrival; he will come, not on the last day, but on the very last.”