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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” — Socrates

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The Blue Hedron is the Prime Hedron referred to throughout prehistoric and modern times as the primary building block of the Universe.  Its precise origins are unknown but according to various sources the Blue Hedron intitated the Big Bang.  [see: Cosmology]

It is believed to have been brought to Earth over 10,000 years ago by extraterrestrials known as the Keepers durning the 2nd Utopian War.  It has effected human history evernce.  [see: History]

The Blue Hedron is able to generate enourmous amounts of energy in the form of Alpha Gravity Waves that can alter the fabric of space and time allowing for time travel and the manipulation of gravity and space itself.  [see: Science]

The Blue Hedron can also release enormous amounts of energy known as Activation Events.  Depending on the size of the event whole planets, solar systems and galaxies can vaporize in an instant.  It is also theorized that the Blue Hedron can implode and destroy the entire Universe.

Speculation is that it might be trapped in a cyclical Universe destroying and creation loop that occurs approximately every 13 to 14 billion years.

I was looking for something to read on a Sunday afternoon . . .

bibliotecapleyades principle areas -- reading usually includes a trip to Bibliotecapleyades (as they update their site once a week, Saturday evening my time).  Reviewing the latest entries, I clicked on UFO War Explodes Through Entire Pacific Ocean - Now A Coalition War.

It's interesting, so I go to John Kettler's website to read more.  Once at John's site, I find a link to:  Getting a "Handl" on things?  at the Cassiopaea Forum.

Reading that topic, I find the link to the Blue Hedron.

I thought it interesting, thus this post.

Note:  Numerous words in the original text were hyperlinked to pages that no longer exist, or require a U.S. government UserID to access (restricted page?)  At some point I'll complile a list of these various hyperlinked words.


What we know:

  • The year is 1977.
  • The place is Los Angeles
  • Private Investigator S.F. Mojowski is about to uncover a secret as old as time itself.
  • Needless to say he is in over his head.
  • He is like any other PI.
  • A guy with a personal code in a shit-heel world that doesn't give a fuck.
  • The Universe started with the Big Bang.

But what started the Big Bang?