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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” — Socrates

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A Focus on Symptoms, Never the Root Cause
quote biggestDoes a child not have as much right to privacy and freedom from parental conditioning as the parents expect for themselves?
It is one of the most fundamental problems facing humanity today. The future depends on how we solve it.
     ~ lede, Chapter 3 | Conditioning, from the book of children

Although Osho came close to the truth, notice he did not define the root cause.

Unconscious Procreation is
the fundamental problem facing
humanity today. The future depends
on how we solve it.  
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  It Is All a Conspiracy       From: the book of children
Chapter 3 pps. 45-6

Consciousness is the law - let consciousness be the only law. Then whatsoever you feel, it is your life. You have to decide. It is nobody else's life; nobody else has any right to decide.

  • I am not saying that you will always be doing right - sometimes you will do wrong. But that too is part of your freedom and part of your growth.
  • Many times you will go astray but that is perfectly all right - going astray is a way of coming back home. A person who never goes astray never comes back home, he is already dead.
  • A person who never does anything wrong never enjoys doing anything right. He is just a slave. A mental slavery is created.

A human child is dependent on his parents for a long time - at least twenty-one to twenty-five years. It is a long time, almost one-third of his whole life. For a third of his life he is being conditioned. Just think - twenty-five years of conditioning!

  • Anything can be forced on a person. And once you learn these tricks it is very difficult to forget them.

That's why it is so difficult to take a jump into reality and start living your life. Of course, in the beginning it will be very shaky; you will tremble many times, because naturally you will be going against your parents, you will be going against the society.

  • Society is your parents' writ large; your parents were nothing but agents of this society.

It is all a conspiracy - the parents, the teachers, the policeman, the magistrate, the president - it is all a conspiracy, they are all together and they are all holding the future of all children.

Once you have learned, unlearning becomes very difficult because after twenty-five years of constant repetition you are completely hypnotized. A de-hypnosis is needed; you have to drop all this conditioning.

  • Yes, it is simply survival, the need to survive. The child wants to live, that's why he starts compromising. He bargains.
  • Anybody will bargain when there is a question of life and death. If you are dying in a desert and somebody has water and you are thirsty and you are dying, he can ask any price. He can manage anything, he can force anything upon you.
  • That's what we have done up to now with children.

You ask, 'Why do people voluntarily repress themselves and adopt crippling defense mechanisms?' It is not voluntary. It looks as if it is voluntary because by the time you become alert it is almost inside your blood and bones. But it is not voluntary, no child ever learns anything voluntarily - it is forced, it is violent.

You can watch any child. Every child resists, every child fights to the very end, every child creates trouble for the parents, every child tries hard this way and that to escape from this crippling mechanism. But finally the parents get hold of him because they are more powerful. It is simply a question of the powerful and the powerless.

Chapter 3 pps. 43-4

Children are immensely intelligent, they just need a chance! They need opportunities to grow, the right climate.

  • Every child is born with the potential of enlightenment, with the potential of becoming awakened, but we destroy it.
  • This has been the greatest calamity in the whole history of man.
  • No other slavery has been as bad as the slavery of the child and no other slavery has taken as much juice out of humanity as the slavery of the child.

This is also going to be the most difficult task for humanity to get rid of it.

  • Unless we arrange the whole of society in a totally different way, unless a radical change happens and the family disappears and gives place to a commune, it will not be possible.

Once this old pattern of family disappears into a more multidimensional set-up, humanity can have a new birth.

  • A new man is needed and the new man will bring the very paradise that in the past we were hoping for in some other life.
  • Paradise can be herenow, but we have to bring about a new child.

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