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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” — Socrates

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A Focus on Symptoms, Never the Root Cause
quote biggestDoes a child not have as much right to privacy and freedom from parental conditioning as the parents expect for themselves?
It is one of the most fundamental problems facing humanity today. The future depends on how we solve it.
     ~ lede, Chapter 3 | Conditioning, from the book of children

Although Osho came close to the truth, notice he did not define the root cause.

Unconscious Procreation is
the fundamental problem facing
humanity today. The future depends
on how we solve it.  
[FIFY] (Fixed IFor You) 
  (You) Can't Fight City Hall       by: Tony Lutz

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you can t fight city hall 250
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From: Wikionary

  1. (chiefly US) Nothing can be done to change the situation, because it is a governmental decision.
    I see they're going to build the airport after all. I suppose you can't fight city hall.
(You) Can't Fight City Hall

From: The Free Dictionary

  1. Fig. There is no way to win in a battle against a bureaucracy.
    Bill: I guess I'll go ahead and pay the tax bill.
    Bob: Might as well. You can't fight city hall.
    Mary: How did things go at your meeting with the zoning board?
    Sally: I gave up. Can't fight city hall.

  2. Unable to overcome bureaucratic rules, as in Brad couldn't get a permit without going through channels - you can't fight City Hall!
    This term transfers the seat of city government to a more general sense of bureaucracy in any sphere. [Mid-1800s]
legal 591
From: The Utica Observer Dispatch

To sue the king, for a thousand years oppressed people dreamed of having this basic right. Gradually overtime that dream became a reality.

  • The right still exists today, except that in place of a king, of course, we have a democratically elected government.
  • Its modern incarnation is discussed below.

Everyday government workers make decisions that impact us.

  • From zoning boards to the unemployment office, we’ve placed our welfare in their hands.
  • Some would say regrettably so; especially when misguided government action upends someone’s life.
  • Like when, for example, an elderly neighbor must sell her home because of a bogus tax assessment. Thank goodness for the right to haul officials into court when situations like this occur.
  • Without that right, in ancient times, the king and his officials might lose their heads in a violent revolt.
  • Today elected officials would just lose their jobs. The principle, however, remains the same.
Article 78 of New York’s CPLR (“Civil Practice Law and Rules), is the law that gives people this right.
  • Exercising it in a lawsuit is not for the faint of heart. The lawsuit is, quite literally, exhausting.
  • Really, the law requires folks to “exhaust their administrative remedies;” which means that they must claw their way through a maze of bureaucratic proceedings before even getting into court.
  • Once they’re finally there, they must prove that the government acted “arbitrarily and capriciously,” or that its decision was “not supported by substantial evidence.”
  • This is a fancy way of saying that if the government had a valid reason for doing what it did—a reason that isn’t total horse manure—then you’ll lose.

People bring these lawsuits to make the State do (or not do) something.

  • People must have a personal stake in the controversy.
  • Broad policies like tax increases usually can't be the subject; nor can lawsuits for money damages.
Despite the difficulty, Article 78 lawsuits make government run right. They apply to all State agencies and municipal bodies. And they cover acts of virtually every stripe. Here are just a few…
  • When a freedom of information law request has been wrongfully denied.
  • When the DEC refuses to approve a development that will revitalize a community in economic decline.
  • When the State fails to clear debris from a river which, during storms, causes flooding.
  • When the State wrongly suspends, revokes or refuses to grant one of its many business and professional licenses and permits.
  • When the State acts in dereliction of its duties to a school, or a school acts in dereliction of its duties to faculty and students.
  • When any State agency or municipal body violates the law.
A bad practice rooted in a powerful government agency can create more hardship for people than any single elected official.
  • These lawsuits are therefore vital to protect the public interest.
  • But their financial and emotional costs deter people from bringing them.
  • So people tend to accept, begrudgingly, the predicament in which unjust government action has placed them.
  • This is dangerous. We have no choice but to depend upon our government. To do so without controlling it puts us at its mercy.
  • Subjects fought for centuries to become citizens.
  • Citizens know that poor governing is something that only they are in the position to correct; that they own all government agencies and offices; and that when the government acts unjustly, it is the silent citizen who commits the injustice.
  • Article 78 lawsuits allow citizens some measure of control.
  • That is the value of the right to sue the king. We would be wise to sometimes use it.
Dashed Hopes of a Kid That Never Grew Up

There is a word in the English language — conscience — that is underutilized. This website exists to highlight this fact.

Gaian Corps is the expression of conscience of a life-long Conscientious Objector — the end result of a lifetime of observation, learning and understanding. It was to be a pracitcal approach to promoting conscience — something different.  However recent events have changed that rosy outlook.

The funding being used to setup an endowment  See Tab #5 Silver Collateral  
  for further explanation  
for the Gaian Corps has "vaporized" in a Corzine-style failure-to-deliver — Tom Taylor being the vaporizer. Given this, any effort to beta test this concept, locally, have been put on hold.

A more recent realization of the scope of denying force has cracked, if not shattered, the childish dream of you parents adults ever supporting an effort like the Gaian Corps.

It never made sense — the initiation into Skull & Bones — why would anybody go to that extreme? But then I realized, it's "the system" — that's how things work. Skull & Bones is simply part of a larger modi operandorummo·dus op·e·ran·di
1. a particular way or method of doing something,
   especially one that is characteristic or well-established. 

2. the way something operates or works.
of conditioning, threats and inducements describing how people in high positions within government, finance and industry are controlled — sexual inducements, pedophilia and blackmail being among the most powerful.

Gaian Corps' advocacy for Child Rights is a direct threat to "the system" — a shocking realization!

You can't fight city hall.

A Direct Threat

What is the Matrix Control System?
We see a portion of it in the areas of
government, military, medicine, finance,
media, education, academia, and religion.
These institutions engineer our belief
systems and way of life. Their hidden
architects may include secret societies,
elite bloodlines, corporate syndicates,
international bankers, government think
tanks, and black ops military networks.
Some call this the shadow government,
the Illuminati, or the New World Order.
This social-political machinery is what
many consider to be the Matrix. [LINK]

“Being itself caused by the authoritarian system, the family becomes the most important institution for its conservation.” [LINK]

The system's methods of control beyond the family includes:
     ■ Education
     ■ Employment
     ■ Peer Pressure and Ridicule
     ■ Religion
     ■ Media Conditioning
     ■ Inducements (financial, sexual)
     ■ Threats, Intimadition and Use of Force (violence)

Giving children rights that are independent of and outside of this framework of family, education, religion, mass media, inducements, threats and violence would be very upsetting to the status quo.

Sexual Oppression
“The maintenance of the authoritarian
family institution requires more than
economic dependence of wife and
children on husband and father.
This dependence can be tolerated
only under the condition that the
consciousness of being a sexual
being is extinguished as far as
possible in women and children.” [LINK]

David Brahinsky, in his book Reich and Gurdjueff – Sexuality and the Evolution of Consciousness, begins to explore perhaps the most powerful suppression of a child's individuality. In his discussion of Hostile Suppression of Genital Play, he writes,

  • “Reich came to believe suppression of sexuality is of fundamental significance in armor formation and development of emotional illness. Sexual feelings are extremely powerful and until suppressed, are experienced as normal, very pleasurable sensations. Children have no idea that those feelings that give such pleasure are so ‘wrong’.
  • “Infants and children obviously have no understanding of what is happening to them when adults condemn their natural expressions and can take the hostile reactions in only one way, as an expression or a statement, that what they feel is “bad,” that what they wish to express is “bad.” In other words, such suppression is taken as a comment on their very essence, that they, in essence, are bad. This attitude towards the living is very well expressed in the popular conception of the doctrine of original sin, which is an obvious cultural and institutional expression of the feelings of a large segment of the adult world towards infants, children, sexuality, and life itself.
  • “… in general, people are afraid of going too deeply into sexuality because it is a function that has been severely repressed, tampered with and twisted over many centuries. Our fears regarding it are thus deeply ingrained in most contemporary cultures and individuals.” [LINK]
A generalization: Guys want Pussy, Girls want Babies  (pardon my French).

Focusing on females in this brief treatise.  From childhood on, there are powerful (unconscious) forces acting upon the female sex.

Conscience is typically not involved in the baby making process.

Click for (5) traits of life   

One way to define life rigorously is in terms of specific, enumerated traits:
     ■ Growth
     ■ Feeding and metabolism
     ■ Motility (physical movement)
     ■ Responsiveness to environmental stimuli
     ■ Reproduction with adaptation.

      Reproduction is probably the most frequently cited
      "essential" defining characteristic of living systems.
     – Robert Freitas, Xenology, chapter 6.2.1


Procreation [Reproduction with adaptation] is a:
     ■ Primary specification of life.
     ■ Biological imperative developed over billions of years.
     ■ Instinctual-level program embedded within any/all living organism.
     ■ Human Right – recognized by the United Nations (UN).

That is a formidable combination of denying force for any so-called 'Children's Liberation Movement'

   (in progress)

Universally Accepted Fact of Life

There is a dearth of information regarding how children become slaves at the moment of birth, and the central role this plays in the continuation of the status quo.

  • This is most likely due to the confirmation bias that the great majority of people hold regarding having children.

Becoming a parent is almost universally accepted as a fact of life (something that cannot be avoided), and thus little thought is ever given to the consequences of creating a new human being.

  • What the child may wish for does not exist.

Becoming a parent is never equated with being a slaveholder.

Children are the last of the slaves to be freed. Why is this?

  • Is it because they are ubiquitously seen as anything / everything but slaves?

Children's Liberation has no lobby, there is no agency seeking to free kids from parental and societial conditioning.

  • In fact, there are powerful forces / groups / organizations aligned to keep them in their place — as slaves without rights, chained first to their family, and if that fails, chained to a foster home.

As minors by law children do not have autonomy or the right to make decisions on their own for themselves in any known jurisdiction of the world.

Only a few 'causes' result in the great majority of new births. Below are examples of selfish purpose on the part of parents.
     ■ A means to an end.
     ■ Emotional satisfaction.
     ■ Scarcity.
     ■ Provide extra work force for the family.
     ■ Transmit the family name.
     ■ Guarantee support in old age.
     ■ Preservation of a race.
     ■ Obey God's commandments.
     ■ Gain self-esteem or reputation for virility.
     ■ Vehicle of status and conspicuous consumption.
     ■ Source of consumable entertainment.
     ■ Mere emulation of others.
     ■ An illusory sense of immortality.
     ■ Service to self instead of service to truth.
     ■ Unintended consequences of decisions (see below).
Also note the extremely common case in which conception is not intended at all, but is the greatly regretted (but ultimately accepted) by-product of sexual activity undertaken for its own sake.

Power, Pedophilia and Government   From: SCG News

jimmy savilel 260

Numerous high ranking British politicians are being investigated for their involvement in an extensive pedophile ring, however the full scope of this scandal can't be fully appreciated without looking at the other side of the Atlantic.

It wasn't that long ago that those who claimed that there was a massive pedophile ring involving officials in the highest levels of government were written off as conspiracy theorists and kooks. That is no longer the case, at least in the U.K. It turns out that this so called conspiracy theory was true, and is finally being officially investigated. The coverup isn't going well at this point. The British government is even coming under heat for the convenient disappearance of key files regarding the allegations. At least forty British MPs are implicated, but this is really just the tip of the iceberg.
... - BANNED Discovery Channel Documentary Satanism and Pedophilia EXPOSED

You think this high powered pedophilia network only operated in the U.K.? I've got news for you, the United States government has been covering up their own pedophile network for decades. As in the U.K. case, the evidence surfaced years ago but nothing was ever done.

Exhibit A: This documentary was produced for the Discovery channel, but what it uncovered was so damaging that was never allowed to air in the U.S. Watch it and you'll understand why.

Exhibit B: The thousands of Pentagon employees implicated in a child pornography sting operation. That case was mysteriously dropped and never mentioned again.

Exhibit C: The NSA whistleblower Russel Tice exposed the fact that news organizations, the State Department, high ranking military officials and members of Congress and the Senate were being spied on extensively for years. (This may seem unrelated at first, but listen carefully to what Tice says, and consider the implications.)

Put it all together and and a very ominous picture emerges.

Each and every one of these predators are compromised in such a way, that whoever holds evidence that could expose them, would have total control over their actions. You would own them.

We generally think of blackmail as a means of extracting money, but to have the goods on a senator, an MP or a president is far more valuable. If you have the political elite, media, and the intelligence agencies under your thumb, anything is possible.

This is how you create puppets that are willing to start wars for you.

UPDATE: Just to give you an idea of how widespread this problem is, take a look at this video:

Silver Collateral

Click for larger video

The fact that a satanic cult, Freemasonry, controls society is confirmed by the fact this entity is rarely mentioned in the mass media. And if it is, never portrayed in its true light.

     A 1970 made-for-TV movie "Brotherhood of the Bell" is a rare exception. It shows what happens when a successful university professor disobeys his vow of secrecy. It is available here.

     Andrew Patterson, played by Glenn Ford, is ordered to blackmail a close friend and colleague. When the colleague commits suicide, Patterson is consumed by guilt and vows to out the Brotherhood.

     His experience mirrors a description recently posted on this site. See The Masonic Intelligence Network.

     Patterson has the air of a self-made man. But when he goes public about the suicide, he discovers that his success is largely due to his 20-year membership in the "fraternity."

     Money that supported his academic department is cut off, and he finds himself unemployed. His father's engineering company is suddenly audited and accused of fraud.

     His wife rages at his silly honor and starts packing her bags.

     In a wonderful scene, he realizes that not only did he own his success to this cult, he owed his wife to it as well. Her father is a member of the Brotherhood.

     "You were part of my reward," he tells her. "Get the hell out."

     The film captures Patterson's naivety. He was a member of this group for 20 years but apparently doesn't realize the extent of its power. He doesn't realize that the President of the US and everyone else of importance is involved in this conspiracy.

     The film was written by David Karp (The Untouchables, The Defenders) based on his novel; and directed by veteran TV director Abraham Paul Wendkos (Ben Casey, Dr. Kildare.)


     I think it got made because they spun the Brotherhood as being wholly WASP. When a member of a TV audience (right) tries to connect it with the "Jewish Conspiracy" she is wholly discredited and hooted down.

     In fact, Freemasons represent a class of Gentile traitors put in power by the Illuminati Jewish bankers to carry out their pernicious agenda.

     Otherwise, the movie is pretty realistic. It sizzles with the intensity characteristic of the Golden Age of TV drama, and captures the helplessness of the individual against a shadowy, well organized and financed conspiracy.

     Patterson is able to recruit one other member of the Brotherhood to his cause, and the movie ends on this dubious, positive note.

     If humanity goes the way of the dinosaurs, or just descends into a comatose slave state, it will be because men didn't stand up, like Andrew Patterson does. This is because they never grew up.

     Instead they chose the easy way: Personal gain by betraying their community and their culture to an alien satanic conspiracy.

     Now all that is left, is for us all to reap the whirlwind.

from: Henry Makow

A 1970 made-for-TV movie
is the only drama to properly address and
describe the problem of Masonic subversion.

Below is a copy of an email that I mailed to a billionaire in 2012 — he's ten years younger than I, a Leo like myself, and I'd wager a skier also.

  • I never received a reply, not that I actually thought I would. But, at the time, it seemed like an idea worth trying.
  • Now that I understand more about the various methods of control used on people in general, but especially people with much to loose, I can better understand why this will never work.

What person would be willing to risk the wrath of the Secret Ruling Cabal of Banksters and Industrialists from the City of London Financial District. (See also: Secret Societies | Part I and Part II)

  • As mentioned previously, the Gaian Corps (or any other Child Rights advocacy) is Kryponite to these criminals.
  • They certainly have the means to get even by destroying any person that would challenge their grip on power.

The silver purchase was made to have the bullion available as collateral located in the Philippines.

tl 240Hello Mr. Billionaire,

My name is Tony Lutz.
I appreciate your taking the time to read my missive.

I’ll try to be as brief as possible as to not waste your time reading something you’d not consider.

I’m retired. More about me can be found at:

I see from press reports that you are childless.
I am childless, also.

The concept of Unconscious Procreation (also see HERE, HERE and HERE) is very much the in background for what I propose.

My savings are invested is silver bullion (primarily at GoldMoney).

The low price of silver (POS), relative to silver’s ultimate unmanipulated value, has restrained me from selling any of my silver savings.

Whenever the POS appreciates to a high enough level, my plans are to sell some of my silver holdings to fund a project designed to help educate, awaken and train 18-25 year old youth in the Philippines.   (what I call the Gaian army.)

My proposition to you is:

I sell 2,000 toz of silver bullion and transfer the funds to you.

You use the funds received from me to purchase a similar amount of silver bullion in some type of allocated account such as GoldMoney.

You then agree to extend the Gaian army a cash advance / loan on a future sale of said silver, based upon 50% silver’s then spot price. (for example, given $30/oz spot price, initial cash advance would be for $30,000 or 50% of 2,000 oz X $30 per oz)

The money advanced by you to the Gaian army will only be used in pre-agreed ways.

Future additional cash advances based upon future price increases is also agreed to in advance.

The future ultimate sale of said silver to be defined, based upon a pre-agreed sale price.

Once the final/closing sale is completed, the amounts loaned by you are first paid back in full, from the sale proceeds, with any remaining funds from the final sale going to the Gaian army.

That example is undoubtedly too simple, but I wanted to make it as basic as possible.
. . . and of course, I’d be agreeable to almost any variation thereupon.

bst rgds,

Tony Lutz

“The secret to change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” – Socrates

Details, Details

■ Osho's limited hangout.

■ Fourth Way limited hangout.

■ “It is not mentioned in any scripture.”

■ The Ruling Cabal of Banksters and Industrialists don't have a clue.

■ Off-World/Interdimensional Beings (if they exist) haven't figured it out. [also HERE]

The details of administration and management are sparce, but I'm only one guy!

With the price of silver at such depressed prices, I can't afford to form a non-profit organization. In addition, Philippine law requires a minimum of six members to the board of directors — I do not have contacts in the Philippines to approach / select such prospective persons.

It has become obvious to me that Gaian Corps will only be successful when it can:

  • Provide security comparable to or better than the perceived security derived from a family.
  • Provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment comparable to or better than the perceived purpose and fulfilment derived from a family.
  • Provide the opportunity for growth, development and maturity greater than the perceived opportunity for growth, development and maturity derived through a family.
  • Provide assurances of old-age care that are equal to or exceed the perceived assurances of old-age care provided by sons and daughters.
Gaian Army for $50B is   Under Construction  
  • Soon after beginning, I realized it's above my pay grade.
  • However IMO this is the level of commitment necessary.
Final Thoughts

The level of ruthless manipulation to divide and conquer humanity for decades and beyond will become clear and it will truly shock humanity.

When it first came forth, the theory (Unconscious Procreation) was crudely formed. It would take several years to hone and refine its concepts. As the theory took shape, I realized that a new mission once again lay ahead of me, a responsibility to communicate a discovery of great importance.

Begin your condemnation of our government now by understanding a bit of America’s sordid history — while remembering that ignorance of our crimes is complicity with them.

  • If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem an accomplice.
  • Men and Women become accomplices to the evil they fail to oppose.
  • The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

There’s an ideological battle happening between slaveholders and well-being — between children and the agents of the system.

  • Western leaders have so far chosen to protect slaveholders, instead of children and their well-being, and that’s why we find ourselves where we do.
  • Choosing slaveholders before children can only end in the demise of the system that makes such a choice.
  • That, however, is apparently terribly hard to comprehend.

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