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  Manual of Life and Mind ♦ Vols. I-II-III     From:
Introduction Brasilia the 16th March 2014  

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Dear fiends,

The idea of this compilation of articles came from a question made during our Sunday's study of the text of the Tibetan master Taranatha.

In order to clarify the meanings and application of these teachings we make frequent references to information coming from a general culture specially from recent progresses in the knowledge of the nature of our world, of the functioning of the mind and its relations to the body.

It seems to us that theses references are necessary giving that, in our time and world, considerable progress has been made in all the fields of knowledge and that there is a generalized facility in the communication of all information.

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From: Kagyu Pende Gyamtso

Manual of Life and Mind (Full) – pages 001-1494
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Manual of Life and Mind (Vol. 1) – pages 001-502
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Manual of Life and Mind (Vol. 2) – pages 503-994
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Manual of Life and Mind (Vol. 3) – pages 995-1484
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The simple reproductions of ancient beliefs, social customs and behaviors, considered as being unique reference in a limited environment, have become hardly satisfactory and most often are inappropriate in a different environment.

On the other hand the pretension to reinvent and reformulate all from ones own personal point of view shows merely a great vanity, disdain, or simply ignorance of the great achievements of our predecessors and contemporary personalities.

To avoid the difficulties coming with these extreme attitudes a reliable general knowledge of these different subjects is most useful.

The question was requesting sources of these references, more particularly in the form of one book!  As it was not possible to indicate "one book" there was no other way than to orientate the questioner towards a waste amount of documents in prints or in video.

The problem today is not so much the lack of information but the abundance of them! More even each field of knowledge has become an area of sophisticated specialization with a great number of publications making their access difficult for the non-specialist that would just like to grasp some ideas about the subject.

Our selection uses a thematic classification. The compilation in the form of a manual intends to present a simplified introduction to subjects related to our world, life and mind, according to modern scientific knowledge, philosophies and psychology but also with references to the representations and interpretations of different cultures and religions.

The purpose being to have just a simple and short introduction the notes and references have been suppressed but their numbers are left in the text allowing, for those how wish to do so, to pursue their research with Wikipedia and other sources.

It is our wish that this manual can contribute to have an approach, or a better understanding, of these different subjects, to appreciate their particularities and also the universal principles shared by all.

With al my best wishes.

Lama Trinle
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